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Golden Opportunity for Nurses to work in the UK

The IELTS / OET score requirement for foreign nurses to work in the UK has been changed by the UK NMC. The changes will be implemented from January 2023. Before the new plans go into effect, professionals who want to join the UK NMC register will have to send in their applications using the English language standards that are already in place.

The changes are as follows:

1) The minimum scores required to combine the results have decreased:

The minimum IELTS/OET exam scores for each module remain unchanged.

IELTS Modules Current Required Score New Minimum Score
Listening 7 6.5
Reading 7 6.5
Writing 6.5 6
Speaking 7 6.5


OET Modules Current Required Score New Minimum Score
Listening B C+
Reading B C+
Writing C+ C
Speaking B C+

2) The time needed to combine the results increased:

Currently, you must retake your test within six months of taking the previous one in order to combine your marks. This will be changed to 12 months to give more options and time to study before taking the test again.

Current Period of Combining the results New Period of combing the results
6 Months 12 Months


3) Employer Letter Accepted

A document from your employer that supports your ability to communicate effectively in English will be accepted if you have worked for at least 12 months in the past two years in a health and social care environment in the UK. The following two requirements must be met before the employer letter is accepted:

  • You have a 0.5-point shortage in one of the four modules in the IELTS (6 for writing and 6.5 in the other modules) or a half-point shortage in the OET (C in writing and C+ in the other modules). Or
  • You were trained and assessed in English in a country where English is not the majority- spoken language.

For more information visit NMC Official Website

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