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Looking for migration or overseas job? Take IELTS test!


The term IELTS, means “International English Language Testing System”.  IELTS is the system which tests the language capability for people that want to work or study in the environment in which English is the main language for communication. IELTS is jointly handled by the Cambridge English Language Assessment, IDP Education, and the British Council. It came into existence in the year 1989 and it is among the two main English-language tests around the world along with TOEFL.

IELTS is recognized by the majority of British, Australian, Irish, and Canadian, South African, and New Zealand academic institutions. More than 3,000 academic institutes in the USA as well as different specialized organisations around the world also recognize IELTS. It becomes a necessity for people who want to immigrate to New Zealand and Australia is also recognized by the Canadian immigration authorities.
There are the Two IELTS versions Available – Academic IELTS & General Training IELTS. The Academic format of IELTS is for the people that wish to study in the English-speaking Institution or University of Higher & Further Education. Admissions to undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses are as per the Academic test results. IELTS Academic can also become the requirement for joining a specialized organisation in the English-speaking countries.

The common training format for the tests is usually for work, school, or migration.  This common training format concentrates on common survival skills with broad social as well as workplace context. It is usually for those that want to go to English-speaking countries for doing secondary education, training programs, or work experience. People that migrate to New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and have to take part in the common training test.

Every organisation has set its individual entry requirements. Sometimes, both these IELTS versions are acceptable.

If you are not sure whether you should sit the Academic format or the General IELTS test training format, there are some fundamental guidelines to remember.

Choose the IELTS Academic if:

  • You are getting trained at the University for undergraduate/ postgraduate studies
  • You are advised to go for Academic IELTS

You should choose the IELTS General in case:

  • You are immigrating to any English-speaking country
  • You are visiting an English-speaking country for completing your Secondary School training.
  • You want to do some non-academic training programs or work experience. You are advised to study common training IELTS


IELTS has over 900 test centres as well as locations in over 130 countries. You may search your nearest exam centre through country & territories, as well as a city on the authorized IELTS website.  You just need to go to the, situated at the ‘Get the IELTS exam’ link as well as click on the country. When you find your country, then you can easily go for the upcoming IELTS exam locations, costs, and dates.

The IELTS exam will take the majority of your day, so ensure that you are physically and mentally prepared. You should reach early to give yourself enough time to go for the registration as well as be seated to take the exam. In case you come late, you won’t be allowed to take the exam. No individual items are allowed in the exam room. The staff will gather and safely deposit your personal things. Items that are not allowed in the exam room consist of dictionaries, cameras, notes, mobile phones, books, wallets, and handheld computers.

When you come on the test day, the IELTS staff members will test out your ID. You are not allowed to speak with the other candidates. You should only have your identification, an eraser. Pens and pencils, and one drink bottle and the bottle should be transparent. In case of any problem (for instance, you have got the incorrect paper or you are unable to hear the orders) you should talk with the supervisor. Though the IELTS staff won’t assist you in any of your test questions!

You just can’t leave your sitting place until the papers are collected as well as you are informed to leave. In case you complete your paper early, you should wait silently until the exam is completed as well as you are informed to leave. You should leave all the materials or notes on your desk. Just ensure that you gather your things. You can see the results after 13 days of the exam.  Your results will be accessible online and you can take your certificate personally or have that posted on your address.

The IELTS band score can be provided to you between number 0 as well as 9.  Any band score always isn’t expressed like an entire number however can be anything like 6.5 or 7.5.  You can get a band scoring in all 4 modules including Listening, Writing, Speaking, and Reading. Your 4 scores can be averaged for arriving at the Overall Band Score. Your objective is to get as elevated the Overall Band Score as possible.

Here, no passing or failing measures in the IELTS exam, however you will get the targeted band score which you are aspiring to get. The band score that you will require to get will rely on your objective for sitting at the IELTS, therefore make sure that you ensure with the educational institutions of options or your domestic immigration lawyer to get your particular requirements.

The answer to how much time is needed for the ielts test preparation relies in your English level. In case of a native English speaker, you might possibly be prepared well for the exam in 1-2 weeks.  In case, you are having an advanced English level, one month will be enough.  We suggest that any intermediate-level student needs to reserve 2 months to make steady preparation.

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