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IELTS Speaking Test Samples and How to Score High

ielts speaking test

ielts speaking test

The IELTS Speaking Test is the same for both the Academic and the General Training modules. This Test is for judging a candidate fluency in English with the depth of his vocabulary, expertise in the English grammar and perfection in pronunciation. Usually, for the non-native English speakers, it is a little challenging to present himself before the examiner with the right attitude. It is the only test in the IELTS, where a candidate has to pass through a face to face interview, taken by a ‘Certified Examiner’. The speaking test has 3 parts, and it continues for maximum 11 to 15 minutes.

Let’s demonstrate some typical sample Tasks with question and answers.

Speaking Test sample task – Part 1 (Transcribed)

This part of the speaking test begins with the introduction of the examiner and the candidate. The examiner first introduces himself (or herself) and checks the candidate’s identification, turning to an interview form.

Examiner:     Well, I would like to ask you about some questions about yourself and your localities, etc., are you prepared?

Candidate:     Yes madam, I am ready, you may please ask questions as you wish.

Examiner:     First, you tell me your name and then tell me where are you coming from.

Candidate:    My name is Puja Kar. I am coming from Bagbazar at Kolkata, Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal.

Examiner:    Good, so you live in a city area. Describe in a few sentences about your locality, the communication with the city area and the problems you face there on a regular basis.

Candidate:    I live in Bagbazar, which is in the main city area, therefore communication is good enough, we don’t have to face any sort of trouble in communicating to the heart of the city, which is known as Esplanade. Bagbazar is a well-known place in Kolkata and mostly upper-class and upper-middle class people are the residents there. The place is very close to the river Ganges, and during high tide in the river, if it rains a lot mainly in the monsoon, streets and lanes get waterlogged for a few hours. Apart from this, we don’t have to face any trouble, rather we feel like the privileged class.

Examiner:     Is there any interesting thing that worth mentioning.

Candidate:    Yes, there are some very interesting facts to be mentioned. We can enjoy all sorts of communication from Bag-bazar to the heart of the city. Firstly, on the road Buses, Cabs, Auto-Rickshaws, and Trams are available. There are three types of railways – The Metro Rail, the Circular Rail and also the standard Railway Station, known as Kolkata Station all are at stone throwing distance from our house. Also, Ferry Boats and Launches are available at just half a kilometer distance to cross the river Ganges.

Examiner:     That’s surprising, you have got all sorts of communication within your walking distance. I think, with all the facilities available, the area must be congested, right?

Candidate:     You are right Madam; it is a bit crowded, though not too congested so far.

Examiner:    What about accommodation?

Candidate:    Mainly there are old houses. But nowadays, people are selling old houses to promoters or builders and they are building high-rises. This is the only alarming factor, as the Flats are being constructed here and there and we are afraid that the population of the area will increase by leaps and bound.

Speaking Test sample task – Part 2 (Transcribed)

Examiner:    Can you tell me about a precious possession that you have? You can get two minutes to speak. Don’t worry if I interrupt you. When time ends, I will tell you.

Candidate:    Ok Madam.

Examiner:    Yes, you can start speaking now; will you start, please?

Candidate:    Sure madam. I have a really valuable thing in my possession; it is a ‘Small Telescope’. My maternal grandfather presented it to my mother, and she has kept it with extreme care. It is an amazing telescope, small but very useful. One can see an object clearly which is at 500 meters distance. In my childhood, my mom used to show and teach me the stars on the sky and their names.

Examiner:    Well, that’s good, now tell me, would you like to exchange or sell it if it is a good deal?

Candidate:     Sorry madam, I don’t think so. My mom and I have such a strange bonding with this small telescope that we wouldn’t sell it at any price whatsoever.

Speaking Test sample task – Part 3 (Transcribed – It is a two-way discussion)

Examiner:    Let us talk about some social context. What do you think young boys and girls feel proud to have in your city?

Candidate:    Madam, there are mainly two things. The first one, both the boys and girls like to have as their precious possession is an ‘Android Mobile’. The second one, mainly the boys are crazy about is a ‘Stylish Two Wheeler’.

Examiner:     Is that a generalization? Or, are you talking about any particular section of people?

Candidate:     No, madam, you can call it a generalization. Boys and Girls of all section are almost crazy about these two.

Examiner:    What is in your opinion, is it good for the society? Is it positive development?

Candidate:    No, madam I don’t think it is good for the society at all. We, often get to see people borrowing money for fulfilling their children’s demand and that is really wrong from any angle. Any adult boy or girl should understand and consider their family’s financial position before making any such demand, and the parents also should convince their sons or daughters not to make such a crazy demand.

Examiner:    Good, I agree with you. Do you have an ‘Android Mobile’ or a Bike or a Scooter?

Candidate:    My father, gifted me an ‘Android Mobile’ on my 18th birthday. I expressed my wish when he asked me what gift I would like to have for my birthday. But my father is a Government employee; so it is affordable for him, and I didn’t ask for a very costly ‘Android Phone’;  I just asked for a basic one.

Examiner:    What types of dresses girls of your city prefer these days?

Candidate:    This is a little disturbing issue, madam. A major section of girls these days follow the dresses the heroines clad in movies. Strangely, parents allow them. Why do they indulge in such things, is beyond my understanding.

Examiner:    So, you are from a very conservative family, aren’t you?

Candidate:     No, madam, instead I’m from a modern family. I enjoy my liberty but do not step on the wrong side of it. I personally do not like to dress in a manner to attract people’s eye, as I believe, unknown people will judge me by my appearance, my attitude, my way of talking and so on.

Examiner:    What about having a boyfriend or two? How many boyfriends do you have?

Candidate:     Actually madam from my point of view, the word ‘Boyfriend’ is a little bit confusing. A boy who is my friend does not necessarily have to be my ‘Boyfriend’. I don’t believe in having more than one boyfriend at a time because it’s a different and a special relationship. I don’t have any boyfriend madam, one big reason for that is, I am focused on making my career, and I don’t have enough time to spare for a special relationship. I also don’t like, or better I should say that I hate toying with minds of boys by acting like a girlfriend of them. That’s absolutely my view madam, though many girls won’t agree with me at all.

Examiner:    I am really by the way you think. No one has the right to such things, not the boys nor the girls.

This is the end of the speaking test. If you want to score high in the speaking test, follow some tips given below:

√   Keep talking when you get a chance to talk, i.e. when the examiner asks you something answer in details.

√   Don’t talk uselessly or don’t talk if the examiner instructs you to stop.

√   Talk fluently without fumbling; words should come out spontaneously.

√   Speak to clarify, if it is needed.

√   If you don’t understand a point, ask the examiner. Don’t start talking without understanding the question.

√   Express your own opinion only if you can justify it with reasons.

√   How good you are in communicating will be assessed; so you should talk spontaneously.

√   Remember to use your vocabulary; speak good meaningful words wherever possible.

√   Usually, the examiner asks questions within a predictable range. So, prepare yourself by practicing probable answers

√   Don’t deliver prepared answers; examiners are capable of identifying this.

√   Speak more than the examiner, but don’t ever interrupt him/her.

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