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IELTS Listening Test Sample Questions and How to Answer (Section 2)

ielts listeningThe, ‘Section 2’, is usually a lecture/speech by a specific speaker on a specific topic. The topic might be ‘General’, ‘Educational’, ‘Counseling’ etc. The different types of audios used are, like a person providing information on details of a public event, or on a service provided by his/her ‘Institution’ or ‘Organization’. A candidate must focus highly on listening to the audio played and write answers at the same time on the question paper using a pencil. Missing out in listening even a small factual information can cause losing marks. [Candidates are allowed to transfer answers on the answer sheet when they get instruction after all the 4 audios are played] LET’S FIRST TRANSCRIBE THE ‘AUDIO’ PLAYED FOR THE SECTION 2: [You will hear a ‘Lady Yoga Counselor’ talking about a ‘Yoga Institution’ and about some ‘Yoga’ exercises.] Good morning all the students of ‘The Brighton College’ attending the show. We are honored that you have spared your valuable time to come to attend the first ever ‘Yoga Show’, of its’ kind in your city. First, let us introduce ourselves, I am Miss Puja Mitra & with me my colleague Mr. Suvro Roy, I must also introduce the 5 most talented students of our institute sharing the stage with us, three beautiful girls, Miss Mimi, Keya & Tulika and two smart and handsome boys Master Vika & Rony. We are representing the most famous and trusted ‘Yoga’ institution of India, the ‘YOGA CURE’ located in Kolkata, established on 23rd January 1965. We are on a mission on behalf of ‘YOGA CURE’ to spread the great art of ‘Indian Yoga’ world-wide. Very soon we are going to open a branch here, in your city on the ’10th January 2015′. You might have heard that Yoga heals a person both physically, mentally & spiritually, we are keeping the spiritual part aside as that sphere is for the ‘Spiritual Gurus.’ We are going to discuss and also execute the other two aspects of Yoga, as I have already mentioned. If you practice ‘Yoga’ regularly, under the supervision of an experienced instructor and maintain a healthy diet, as advised by our ‘Yoga Experts’, we can assure you that you will be free from all sorts of health hazards forever and you will become a much healthier person both physically and mentally. First, I request all the students to let me know by raising your hands, how many of you are acquainted with ‘The Indian Yoga’. Oh! that’s great, a good number of you are there. Now, one more request, please let me know, how many of you practice Yoga. Yes, that’s exactly what I apprehended, I can see only 11 hands out of almost 700 students present here. The figure suggests that only approximately 1.5% of you practice yoga, I can’t but say its’ a sorry figure. Why so, I’ll certainly explain in details. Well, now before our students show you some simple ‘Yoga’ exercises, which anyone of you can start practicing right from today. Though, it’s my duty to convey some words of caution. If by the grace of God all of you are in good health, its’ great. However, if  any of you have some minor or major health problems such as ‘High/Low Blood Pressure’, ‘Kidney Malfunction’, ‘Heart Disease’, ‘Gastric Ulcer’, ‘Appendicitis’, ‘Hyper Glycemia or Hypo Glycemia’, you should not try any exercise without consulting a ‘General Physician’. Moreover, often it is found, that a person doesn’t at all know that he is suffering from a disease which is in the early stage, but if ignored it may pose a serious threat in the long run. Therefore, any person should have a thorough medical check-up before start doing any exercise like freehand exercise, weight training, yoga, aerobics or start playing soccer, hockey, etc., or even take part in any sorts of ‘Sports Activity.’ Those, who are already engaged in any sorts of sports or games that require physical exertion may skip health check-up if they don’t suffer from any problem, whatsoever. Well, as I can see, some of you are smiling in disbelief, right? Let me cite an example: It was on 15th August 2015. A local Government run school ‘Paula High School for Boys’, was celebrating the independence day of India by organizing a sports event. A 13 years old boy died on the track during a 200-meter race. After postmortem, it was declared that the boy had a hole in his heart & had a massive heart attack, causing instant death. His mother said that he used to say, ‘If I play, my chest hurts.’ The uneducated lower middle-class family ignored the issue to avoid spending money and incurred the worst consequence. Why am I citing this example? I want to mean that, health check-up is neither a luxury nor a negligible issue, especially when one suffers from any sort of health problems. Now, let’s first show you 5 basic Yoga Exercises: While doing any yoga exercise, you don’t need any special arrangement, just spread a piece of cloth or a towel on the floor and start exercising. Our students will show you 5 basic exercises one by one, you will get the benefit of doing all these exercises in the CD, which you have received when you entered the auditorium. The benefits of each of this Yoga is given in details in the Videos in the CD. Now Watch: 1)    The SAVASANA: Vika is showing you how to do Savasana. (Its’ like lying on the floor as a dead body.) 2)    The UTTHITOPADASANA: Mimi is showing you how to do Utthitopadasana. 3)    The PASCHIMOTTHASANA: Tulika is showing you how to do the Paschimotthaasana. 4)    The SALABHASANA: Keya is showing you how to do Salabhasana. 5)    The BHUJANGASANA: Rony is showing you how to do Bhujangasana. [Note: How to do each yoga will be in the actual audio but you won’t be asked any questions on that part so I am skipping that portion of the audio] Sample: IELTS Listening Part 2: This is the section 2 of the IELTS Listening test. Listen to the audio played very carefully and write down the answers in the question paper, using a pencil. Answer the questions 16-20, writing no more than two words. Complete the sentences given below: 1)     The name of the Yoga institution was _______  _______     (Answer: ‘YOGA CURE) 2)     The Yoga Center will open a branch in the city on  _______  _______     (Answer: ’10TH JANUARY) 3)     Name at least two of the students, one male and one female _______  _______     (Answer: Mimi, Rony) 4)    Can you write the name of the colleague of Miss Puja _______  _______     (Answer: Suvro Roy) 5)     According to Miss Puja, Yoga heals a person both _______ &  _______     (Answer: Physically & Mentally) {Read the questions carefully and choose the correct letter as the right answer.} Answer the questions 16-20 by ticking the correct letter

  1. Miss Puja said, I can see only ? Hands out of almost 700 students:

A:    7 Hands B:     5 Hands √C:     11 Hands            (Right Answer) D:    9 Hands

  1. The name of the Yoga institution was :

A:    Yoga Care B:     Yogacure √C:     Yoga Cure             (Right Answer) D:    Yogasure

  1. The Institute was established on ____________:

A:    23rd May, 1960 B:     17th July, 1865 √C:     23 rd January, 1965            (Right Answer) D:    3rd February 1935

  1. Anyone suffering from _____ can practice Yoga, without consulting a physician

A:    Acute Gastric Ulcer. B:     Critical heart disease. C:     Kidney Malfunction.  D:    None of the above.        (Right Answer)

  1. The name of the school of the boy who died by heart attack is:

A:    Giulia High School for Boys. B:     Pachulia High School. √C:     Paula High School for Boys.     (Right Answer) D:    Paula School for Boys.

In the IELTS Listening Test, the main skill needed is to listen and understand quickly, as candidates need to write answers while listening to the audio. They have to be a very sharp listener. Listening – Understanding – Writing all the three things have to be done at the same time. Obviously, to score high in the test, candidates need hours of practice with realistic audios that come with questions and answers. The most important point to remember is that ‘The audios will not be played twice under any circumstances.’ So, the key to success is practice, practice and more practice.

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