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The IELTS test has four tests for both the Academic and General Training module. The IELTS ‘Speaking Test’ and the ‘IELTS Listening Test’ are same for both the modules. The IELTS ‘Listening Test’ audios are a bit too tough to understand fully by the candidates appearing for the test from non-English speaking countries. Sometimes, even the native English speakers fail to understand each and every word of the audios played in the tests. So, candidates required to listen to as many similar types of audios as possible to overcome the problem to a great extent. The ‘Listening Test’ lasts for 30 minutes and an additional 10 minutes is given to transfer the answers ‘written on the question papers’ to the ‘Answer Sheet’. There are 4 sections in the tests. After listening to all the clips one by one, you will be given ‘Ten Minutes’ to write down the answers on the ‘Answer Sheet’ provided.

[At first, the candidates are allowed to look at all the questions. Then the audios are played one by one and candidates are asked to write down the answers on the question papers during this time. No audios are played more than once. When all the 4 audios finished playing the candidates are asked to transfer the answers written on the question papers, onto the ‘Answer Sheet’ within 10 minutes.]

Details of all the tests are as follows:

Section 1: This is a recorded audio which is a conversation between two native speakers on any everyday social topic. It’s like two persons are talking or discussing arranging an event or a get-together. The candidate should focus on listening for each and every factual information available in the discussion or conversation.

Sample: IELTS Listening Part 1

This is the section 1 of the IELTS test Listening. The candidates are allowed to have a look at the question paper first. Then the audios are played, the candidates should listen to the audio played and write down the answers on the question paper. The candidates should read all the instructions given on the question paper with extreme care, then listen to the audios played and then start answering the questions on the question paper, using a pencil.

Listening Test Section:1 Test Audio (A man is making different queries about taking membership of a club)

Online IELTS Listening Test Sample Questions 1-6

Sample Question based on the Audio Played:-

{The audio is a recorded telephonic conversation between a man who wants to become a member of a club and the receptionist of the club.}

The Receptionist receives the phone and wishes good morning, the man starts enquiring about taking membership fees etc., given below the recorded telephonic conversation.

The Caller >   He makes a call. The Receptionist    (She receives the call )

Hello, Rosaline from Bristol Sports Club, how can I help you?

Well, I have some queries related to the fees you charge for Swimming Training and Gymnasium Workout Training in your club. Also, tell me if there is any age limit. The fees for the swimming is $200 for the entire season for one person. The season starts on and from 1st April and ends on 30th November. The fees for the Gym is $25/per month per head and we take 3 months fees in advance while taking admission. For the Gym, you have to pay a refundable sum of $100 as a caution money. And about age limit, the minimum age for swimming is 5 years & for the Gym, it is 18 years. The upper age limit for swimming &Gym is 55 years.
Is there any especial package for a family? If I & my son both join for ‘Swimming Training’ and the ‘Gym Workout Training’, then how much we would have to pay in total? Oh! Sure, packages are there sir, if 2 persons from the same family join for Swimming Training, then they will get a discount of 25%. So, instead of paying $400 you will have to pay $300 only for two of you. But, sir the offer is valid until 30th April that is for the first month only.
Well, probably both of us will join before 30th April, but start the training from 5th May, as my son has an Interview on 4th May. Anyway, I need to discuss with my son and then I’ll call you back. Sure, sir that’s better. If you don’t mind sir, may I please know your good name?
Oh, sure, I’m Patrick David. One minute sir, is that ‘P’ for put?
Yeah! you are right, and may I please know who I’m talking to? Of course sir, I’m Rosaline, the ‘Telephone Operator & Receptionist’.
Okay Rosaline nice talking to you and thanks for all the information you have provided, I’ll call you back shortly, okay? Okay, sir, you are most welcome, I’ll be here up to 2 pm and now it’s just 10:37 am, so take your time to call me back sir.
After 15 minutes the caller calls back (The audio will give a one-second pause and restart)
Hi! Rosaline, I’m Patrick David here, we have decided to join on 28th April. What are the documents we will have to submit? Well, sir, you have to submit 2 copies of ‘Stamp Size Photos’ & 2 copies of ‘Photo-Identity Proof’ of each of you.
Don’t you provide any discount for the ‘Gym Workout Training’? Sorry sir, I forgot to mention it, as hardly anyone ask for it. The discount is 30% only if you pay 1 year’s fee at a time. In that case, you will have to pay $420 instead of $600 for two of you.
That’s good, I’ll go for 1 year’s membership. So, how much I will have to pay in total including Swimming & Gym? Just a minute sir, …….. your total fees amounts to $300 plus $420, and $100 as caution money, so the total is $820.
Well, Rosaline is there any other training, your club provides? Yes sir, we also train Table Tennis, Badminton, Aerobics, and Yoga.
What’s the minimum age in case of a girl for joining ‘Table Tennis Training?’ Its’ 12 Years sir and you have to provide a photocopy of an age-proof certificate for verification of the age.
My daughter is on 10, so we’ll have to wait for 2 years, no way out.  Unfortunately, that’s true, actually, our club is very rigid about rules sir.
Another point, I and my son both prefer to come in for Swimming & Gym workout in the morning, what about that? Sorry, sir, the morning slots are full. Our swimming training in the afternoon starts at 4 pm & remains open till 6:30 pm.
Well, in that case, we will join at 5 pm and after 5:30 pm we will take a break & have some light food, then we will join the Gym at 6 pm, right? And we will take admission on the 28th of April. Okay, sir, no problem the Gym remains open from 6 am to 10 pm, so you can choose any time.
Oh! Rosaline, what are the names of the ‘Swimming Trainers’? There are two of them, sir, one is ‘Ben’ and the other one is ‘Morgan’.
Well, I have noted down, tell me the names of the Gym Instructors. Well, sir in the evening you will get the instructors, ‘Alex’ & ‘Joe’.
Okay, nice talking to you, have a good day and take care, Rosaline. Thank you, sir, thanks for calling, have a good day.

The Sample Questions and Answers Section 1 (Questions 1-5)


The Sample Questions and Answers Section 1 (Questions 1-5)

                                                                             Sample Questions                 Sample Answers

The swimming club starts at:              5:30 am

The swimming club closes at:             6:30 pm

Mention the type club:             Sports Club

The club provides training on this indoor game:          Table Tennis,

Mention the relationship with the girl, the caller wants to
play Table Tennis :                                                                                     His daughter


The Sample Questions and Answers (Questions 6-10)

Complete the table given below, write no more than two words for each answer.

Questions Answers
Fees per head per month for Swimming $25 / Month
Fees per head per month for Gymnasium $25 / Month
What is the rate of discount for Swimming? 25 Percent
What is the minimum age for Gym Workout Training? 18 Years
What is the size of ‘Photograph’ to be submitted? Stamp Size
How many months of fees are to be paid in order  to get any discount for the Gymnasium Work Training 12 Months.

As, I have already mentioned, a candidate will have to write answers on the question paper while listening to the 4 audios one by one. A candidate will get to see the question papers first. He should scan the questions and keep it in the mind as much as possible because no audios are played more than once. Then, when the audios start playing, he should continue writing the answers of all the 4 sections without any pause or break. The candidate has to concentrate high and ‘Keep listening and answering’ at the same time; any lapse in concentration would cause losing marks.

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