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IELTS Listening Test Sample Questions And How To Answer (Section 3)

ielts listening test

ielts listening test
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The listening test gets increasingly difficult with each part, i.e. Section 2 is tougher than Section 1, Section 3 in tougher compared to Section 2 and Section 4 is the toughest of all. In the Section 3 of the IELTS Listening Test, the candidates usually get to listen to a recorded conversation between 2-4 speakers (usually students), who are discussing on some academic topics, like, discussing on making a presentation or organizing a show or a seminar. As the audio progresses, they will be found to interact with their professor. So, while listening to the audio, candidates need to focus keenly on specific factual information, ideas and speakers’ opinions etc.

Now let me transcribe a sample audio for the Section 3 and continue with the question answers session. In this audio two business studies, students of a college have drafted a ‘Mock Presentation’ on the launching of a 150 CC Bike.


Transcribed Audio:

First, you will be allowed to have a look at the questions 21-26 & then 27-30. Then the audio will start playing and you have to listen to the audio and write the answers on the question papers.

Professor: Good Morning students, please have seat. Let me introduce myself; I am Mr. Kevin Stokes, from the University of Manchester. Now may I know your names, please?

James: Good Morning sir, I am James Old, a 3rd-year student of ‘Business Studies’.

Linda: Good Morning sir, I am Linda Louis. I am also a 3rd-year student of ‘Business Studies’, we are batch mates.

Professor: Good, now back to business. You two have prepared a ‘Mock Presentation’ for the launch of a new motorbike, right?

James: You are right, sir, we’ve made a draft & waiting for your approval.

Professor: That’s fine, first let me have look at it. Linda, would you forward your copy, please?

Linda: Sure sir, here you are. Sir, we have also presented a comparative chart of the new bike ‘Robo-Champ150 CC’ with the reputed bike, ‘Thunder 150 CC’.

Professor: That’s interesting, Thunder 150 CC is quite a popular & established brand, so its’ not an easy job to compare.

Linda: We agree sir, actually from our point of view, while comparing, why not compare with best? What do you say, James?

James: You are absolutely right Linda. We have made the comparison exactly from that point of view sir, now it’s up to you, sir.

Professor: Well, that’s a great idea. Just tell me have you pointed out many differences between the two bikes?

James: Yes sir we have. We have also mentioned in the presentation that the Bike will be available in 3 Colors, Red, Black & White.

Professor: And what about the price? Have you kept the price lower?

Linda: No sir, instead we have kept the price a little higher. But, we have presented justified reasons for that.

James: Yes sir, Linda is right and we also have showcased beautiful pictures of the new bike, ‘Robo-Champ150 CC’.

Professor: Pictures? How could you do that? Its’ an imaginary presentation, after all, you are really surprising me.

Linda: So, what do you suggest sir? Is it a bad idea? Should we delete the pictures from the project, sir?

Professor: No, no don’t read me wrong. What, surprises me, is that how could you put pictures? I am sorry to say, but if you have copy pasted pictures of some other reputed bikes, I can’t approve that.

Linda: No, sir we have created the pictures, we haven’t stolen them.

James: Sir, actually Linda is an awesome ‘Digital Artist’, she can do almost anything we can imagine. You first see the pictures, sir.

Professor: Really? Well, let me have a look at the whole presentation first. Wait for 10 minutes.

James: Sure we will wait, take your time sir.

Professor: The pictures are amazing, Linda you are a genius. Well, I have thoroughly checked the presentation and I must say, It is a superb one, you two have created an awesome presentation. I just can’t believe what I see.

Linda: Oh! That’s great sir, thank you so much. We were pretty nervous in the beginning, especially I.

James: Really sir, she was so nervous. I was pretty confident that, you wouldn’t at least throw it in the trash.

Professor: No, no, it’s really a fantastic presentation. But, there are a few “ifs” and “buts” there. Firstly, Linda tell me about the Pictures of the bike in different colors. You said you have created them, but actually you haven’t drawn them you have taken from some websites and then have modified them, right?

Linda: You are right sir, I haven’t drawn them, but what I have done let me tell you. I have searched around the web for uncommon and rare pictures of 150 CC bikes. I copied some pictures from, & Then I cut paste the portions I liked and then mixed them in Photoshop CS6. I can assure you, sir, no company in the world can charge us for copyright violation because it’s a completely different picture with no similarity with any existing bikes in the world.

Professor: You invested a lot of time and effort and the result is awesome. I agree with you two, I have never seen a bike like this, it has got a completely new look, great job students. Anyway, you are assuring me no copyright violation act will come on the way right?

James: Yes sir. We assure you, it is 100% unique picture, it is a created one.

Professor: Right, I am also feeling like that, because I haven’t seen such a picture of a bike. I have noticed that you have compared the functions and special features of the two bikes with absolute accuracy. By the way, what’s the name of the manufacturing company you have mentioned? I am forgetting, actually, I have just skimmed through.

James: No, problem sir, the manufacturing company is, ‘New Age Two Wheelers’. Have you noticed the table sir, where we have made the comparisons?

Professor: Sure I have, but I would like you to read aloud, for once, will you please?

James: Sure sir, but first let me tell you that we have only written those especially advanced technology which are available in ‘Robo-champ150 CC’ have but not available in the ‘Thunder 150 CC’. Here are the points and I am reading aloud for you sir?

Robo-Champ150 CC    Thunder 150 CC

2.5 Liter Reserve Fuel Tank Capacity    X

Huge Fuel Tank Capacity, 15 Liter    12 Liter

Especial Neo White Head light for Great Visibility during the night.    X

Solid Disk Brake, Front & Rear Wheel    Only Front Wheel disk brake

Extra Solid Emergency Hand Brake    Normal Hand Brake

Especial Tubeless Tire with 100% effective Leak-Proof technology    Normal Tubeless Tire

0 to 75 Km/Hour acceleration within 1 second    0 to 60 Km/Hour acceleration within 1 second

James: So sir I think, with all these ‘Especial Advanced Technology’, ‘Robo-Champ’ deserve getting a 7% higher price, isn’t it sir?

Professor: Of course it deserves, higher price. But tell me, James, how could these technical things come in your mind?

Linda: Sir, you don’t know him, he is simply crazy about bikes. Sir, we have added another point to make it more lucrative, ‘New Age Two Wheelers’, will accept online orders

Professor: Good, you two are quite serious and look professionals, that’s good. Now tell me what about the ‘Giant Screen’ visuals? Have you prepared it?

James: Yes sir we have made it. As of now, we can show you the ‘Visual’ on our Laptops. Will you like to see?

Professor: Surprise, after surprise, yes, of course I would like to see it.

Linda: James, may I show it on my Laptop? Just, because It has a 19″ screen.

James: Of course why not? Actually, I was about to request you to do that, please go ahead. Well, before we show this sir, we must provide you another surprising information. Sir, others, who are making presentations, they don’t have any moving graphics with a human model like that in ours. Some of them are using animated videos.

Linda: Yes, sir, I think that is a unique point in our presentation.

Professor: Oh! I am getting spellbound, show me the video.

Linda: Yes sir, here is it sir. This is a 2&1/2 minutes video.

Professor: It is simply superb, but who is the bike rider in the video and who shot the video?

Linda: James is the biker you have seen on the video and I shot & edited the video.

Professor: James don’t you do these sort of ‘Bike Stunts’ again, they were fantastic but, you could have hurt yourself, you are a student, don’t spoil your life doing such bone-breaking stunts, please.

James: Ok sir I won’t, my parents and Linda’s parents also scold me and ordered me to stop doing these sort of things.

Linda: Well sir, that aside, how do you rate the video out of 10?

Professor: I will rate it as Ten on ten but remember James, I don’t want you to do this again, I am really feeling angry? Why should a student take such a risk that could even terminate his life? Never again James. Anyway, the video and the sound mixing with special effects is invincible, great job student, others are no match for you.

Linda: You are right sir, I also repeatedly tried to stop him.

James: Sir, we are so happy that you like it. Do you want us to edit it, sir?

Professor: No way, you have shot a perfect 9.5 minutes flawless presentation, I don’t think anybody will dare to pass any negative comment. Now, I must wrap up, wish you all the luck for your excellent effort and imagination too. Thank you, students.

Linda: Thank you so much, sir, for all your appraisal, it would stay with us as an asset.

James: Yes, sir, it’s so nice to have you with us, thanks a lot, have a good day sir.

Professor: Same to you students, have a nice time. I wish your presentation to hog the limelight, all the best.

Questions 21-26

Write the correct letter, A/B, or C next to questions 21–26.

  1. Name of the two students was

A Jimmy Old & Linda Swiss     …………………

B James Old & Linda Louise    ………………..    B

C James Louise & Linda Old    ………………..


  1. Name of professor was

A Kelvin Oakes    ………………..

B Erwin Strokes    ………………..

C Kevin Stokes    ………………..    C


  1. What was the name of the bike in comparison?
  2. BMW under 175 CC ………………..
  3. Thunderbolt 125 CC ………………..
  4. Thunder 150 CC ……………….. C


  1. The new bike will be available in Blue color only.
  2. Yes. ………………..
  3. No ……………….. B
  4. Color not mentioned ………………..


  1. The students were studying
  2. 1rst year, Mass Communication ………………..
  3. 3rd year Business Studies ……………….. B
  4. Business Communication ………………..


  1. Linda used a software, named
  2. Adobe Illustrator ………………..
  3. Photoshop FX 3 ………………..
  4. Photoshop CS6 ……………….. C


Questions 27-30

Choose & Tick the correct letter, A, B, or C.

  1. According to the rating of the professor, the created presentation was


ielts listening test

ielts listening test
credit: 123rf . com

A Mock Presentation

B Imaginary Presentation

√C Awesome Presentation


  1. The three colors, the bike will be available are

A Zed Black, Blue & White.

B Red, Blue & White

√C Red, Black & White


The capacity of the fuel tank of Robo & Thunder were

√A 15 Liter & 12 Liter

B 10 Liter & 12 Liter

C Not mentioned in the audio


  1. Both the bikes have one thing in common

A No Disk Brake

B Front & Rear Wheel Disk Brake

√C Rear Wheel Disk Brake

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