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Tips for better results on IELTS

Tips for better results on IELTSHere are some useful test preparation tips for IELTS test and get a higher rank:

  • Determine on how this IELTS test works – Perhaps, you do well on English language but knowing the test format is more important. Taking the IELTS test without any knowledge of the test format signifies as over-confident that somehow leads to failure.
  • Work-out your speed in taking the exam – The scope of IELTS test is somehow long and challenging. For you to use the time wisely in answering the test questionnaire, you need to improve your level of speed into the following categories:

– Listening – Be attentive to listen well on every instruction provided. Try to practice watching English channels or movies for you to familiarize the English pronunciation well. Joining to any English speaking communities or group in your locality is highly recommended.

– Reading – Speed reading is important to any reading test. Improving the speed level of reading can be done when you read a lot every now and then. Install dictionary program into your computer. Use this when you search meanings for unfamiliar words. Though, there times you really don’t know the exact meaning of words that been use or utter but based on the context provided, you already have a glimpse on what does it mean.

– Writing – To speedily write a context, it’s necessary to create first an idea. Organize your thoughts or concepts in your mind and write them down. Good flow and sequence of writing is necessary. Be conscious enough on the sentence construction. Make sure that their grammatically correct. To begin practicing better English writing, read various topics or articles. Then, write them down with your own words. Observe on how much time you spent in organizing your thoughts and make an outline. Then, construct sentence or words out from the concept of your mind and write them down.

  • Begin studying on something that capture your interest – If you haven’t read, write, or listen to English language yet, be reminded not to start with uninteresting topics rather begin with a good novel. Search your favorite topics in the internet, read, and understand what it implies. Write down all your opinion based on what you read and understand. Better consult your friends on what English movies good to watch. Watching English movies or videos showing correct usage of grammar and pronunciation really helps a lot.
  • Read carefully the examination instruction – Usually, lots of test-takers take for granted reading the IELTS test introduction instruction before answering the test questionnaire. IELTS test instruction contains essential information in answering the test correctly.• Better have a good introduction about yourself – During the interview, applicants are required to introduce their self. As an applicant, feel confident and comfortable of interacting with your interviewer. Speak clearly and introduce yourself in a concise manner giving emphases on something capture their interest.
  • Stay updated on the current events – This gives you awareness on what’s happening of the world or around you.

• Expound in answering the speaking test – Speaking test entails lots of score. For that, do well on it. Show yourself confident and calm. Just don’t answer them with simple yes or no rather explain further. Clearly, speak out your answer with the correct usage of English grammar and pronunciation.

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