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How to shine in the IELTS Speaking Test?


Unlike other modules of the test, the speaking section of the IELTS test is little tricky and will be concluded in a maximum of 15 minutes. In this short period, you need to convince the examiner that you can speak well in English!

There are certain points you need remember to perform well in the speaking test.

First of all, don’t forget to carry your ID card. This will be required at the start of the test. Hence keep it handy.

Like all other modules of IELTS tests, practice makes you perfect in the Speaking section.

While taking the test, have a smile on your face and look at the eye of the examiner. Be polite, friendly, attentive and present as if you are keen in the conversation. This will create a great impact on the examiner. If you are not talking much and have no smile on your face, or asking to repeat the question now and then, that will create a negative impression. It is ok if you are bit nervous and makes some mistakes. The examiner is fully aware that most of you will be nervous.

Try to be friendly with the examiner and that itself makes a big difference.

You are prone to make some mistakes. But, the examiner is not going to note down all your mistakes, and he cannot do so. You need to try to create an overall good general impression by talking openly, clearly, audibly and politely and off course without acting over-smart.

Try to give a full answer instead of giving just “yes” or “no” answer to questions or simply nodding your head. You are required to prove that you can communicate well.

When you finished talking what you have to say, better stop there. Never try to talk much or stretch out more as this will create repetitions.

If you do not know much about a subject say so and tell just what you know. But, remember, you cannot evade every question; it is your responsibility to prove that you can talk properly. So, let it be if you have made some mistakes, go on talking and concentrate more on communication.

One thing that makes most of the candidates nervous is that the speaking test is recorded. Forget about this and go on talking without any tension. The recording is for re-valuation and re-checking purpose which is very rare.

So be cool and try your best in speaking..

Originally posted 2016-08-15 11:02:58.

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