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25 Methods To Quickly Understand the IELTS Reading Test Content to Score High
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The IELTS Reading Test is a test of proficiency in ‘Reading and understanding’ the English language, and though it is named as ‘Reading Test’, the candidates have to write the ‘Answers’ based on the topics given to read! The ‘Reading Test’ is different for both IELTS Academic Test and IELTS General Test. Though in both […]

Golden Opportunity for Nurses to work in the UK

The IELTS / OET score requirement for foreign nurses to work in the UK has been changed by the UK NMC. The changes will be implemented from January 2023. Before the new plans go into effect, professionals who want to join the UK NMC register will have to send in their applications using the English […]

November 16, 2022, ielts test